Clean and defenseless

  •  April 5, 2020

Clean and defenseless

Antimicrobial soaps are in the sights of the FDA. Protests and strong evidence in recent studies question its effectiveness and point to contamination of people and the environment. What's worse, they leave our natural defenses compromised.

After years of suspecting that antimicrobial-fortified soaps and toothpastes cause more trouble than good, the FDA has asked manufacturers to prove their products are safe for consumption. Otherwise, this category will be banned from the shelves.

This attitude has been applauded by public health experts, who have been warning for years about the problems caused by overexposure to chemicals that can make our bodies resistant to infections, among other problems.

Among the organizations fighting for the transparency of soap makers is the University of Arizona Center for Environmental Safety, which fights the indiscriminate use of antimicrobials. Studies in guinea pigs indicate changes in metabolism, which indicates risk to humans.

Initially used by doctors in preparation for surgery, the use of these soaps has become fashionable recently, thanks to numerous industry releases including mouthwashes, household detergents, diapers and disposable diapers. The problem is that government tests find no evidence that these “special” soaps are more effective than good old coconut soap, for example. Manufacturers now have 180 days to explain. In the meantime, they wash their hands. But the loss will be huge as this market raised $ 450 million in 2012.

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