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Chocolate against hypertension

  •  August 13, 2020

Sin is to dispense with this help. Portuguese study reveals that eating a piece of dark chocolate every day improves blood pressure in just one month.

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Studies do not cease to arise talking about him.

It seems that scientists try to justify the desire for candy.

Now a study comes back to the subject, presenting a "new" benefit of chocolate.

The research was done by the Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra (Portugal).

It is true that the benefits of chocolate have been extensively studied.

Particularly when it comes to your relationship with heart health.

All thanks to the flavonoids, powerful antioxidants present in some foods.

These include flavanols (catechins, for example), which are in chocolate.

These nutrients have been linked from weight regulation to faster healing.

There is therefore enormous interest in how they influence our well-being.

In the Portuguese study, an experiment was performed.

In it, 30 healthy adults (between 18 and 27 years old) ate 20 g of candy a day for 30 days.

Half ate chocolate with 55% cocoa, and the rest ate 90% cocoa chocolate.

Everyone was instructed not to eat other foods rich in flavonoids, such as berries, tea and wine.

One month before the test, participants' heart rate, artery stiffness and pulse were measured.

And again two days after its completion.

As a result, all showed significant improvement in blood pressure.

But the effects were more dramatic for those who ate chocolate with more cocoa.

Normal systolic pressure is between 90 and 120 mmHg and diastolic pressure between 60 and 80 mmHg.

Those who ate high cocoa chocolate saw their systolic blood pressure drop by 3.5 mmHg.

That compared to 2.4 mmHg in the group that ate less cocoa chocolate.

And the diastolic blood pressure was reduced by 2.3 mmHg and 1.7 mmHg, respectively.

Those who ate the most cocoa also had healthier pulse rates and ventricular-arterial coupling.

Ventricular-arterial coupling describes the interaction between the left ventricle and the arteries, which together pump blood through the body.

The improvement of this interaction occurs by reduced pressure on the arteries as well as vascular relaxation.

The researchers note, however, that there was no change in the structure of the participants' hearts.

This may be due to the short study duration of only 30 days.

The study was one of the first to be conducted in healthy young people.

Similar research has typically seen middle-aged adults with health problems.

Further studies should investigate how chocolate interacts with the rest of our diet to influence well-being.

It also remains to discover exactly how cocoa benefits the heart.

And still and mainly, what is the ideal amount that should be consumed.

The study was published in the journal Nutrition.

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