Chewing gum helps in concentration

  •  April 3, 2020

Chewing gum helps in concentration

If chewing gum was once considered inelegant, it is now a friend of oral health. Studies by dental associations in the United Kingdom and the United States show that chewing sugar-free gum helps improve concentration, reduces caries and aids body relaxation.

Research suggests that sugar-free gum may reduce tooth decay, as it contains sweeteners such as xylitol and sorbitol, both compounds known as polyols. Sorbitol has 60% of the sweetness of sucrose and almost zero calories.

Chewing gum increases the flow of saliva in the mouth. This neutralizes and dilutes the gastric acid that comes back after food breaks down by bacteria that normally live around your teeth and gums. These acids usually stay in our mouth for up to 20 minutes after ingestion. Nevertheless, researchers say we should not be content with chewing gum to clean our teeth. Daily use of brush, paste and dental floss is absolutely necessary.

Your Key To Success: How Chewing Gums Helps (April 2020)