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Calorie Count

  •  April 9, 2020


We seek to know what we fear most, even more about what we eat. After all, ignorance is the greatest enemy, not the food itself. Google's most searched-for list of words related to calories reveals what we try to understand better to address the issue.

At the end of each year, Google reveals the most popular searches people make through search engines in over 70 countries. Although we live in such a diverse world, this information says a lot about who we are and what interests us.

To improve food research, the search engine has added to its page, on the right side of all food queries, its nutrition tables. The information is provided by the USDA Department of Agriculture.

With this new tool, one of the most researched subjects was highlighted: calories. In 2013, the word calorie search champion was egg. In 2012 it had been “McDonalds”. In the top 10 most sought after last year, there is no mention of fast food. One explanation may be that these brands are now better communicating menu items. We prefer to be optimistic. Maybe this is an indication of healthier choices?

Top 10 calorie-related searches in 2013:

1 - Eggs

2 - Banana

3 - Beer

4 - Oats

5 - Sugar

6 - Sushi

7 - Wine

8 - Popcorn

9 - Coffee

10 - Avocado

Top 10 calorie-related searches in 2012:

1 - McDonalds

2 - Chipotle

3 - Avocado

4 - Vodka

5 - Walk

6 - Bananas

7 - Watermelon

8 - Subway

9 - Calorie Calculator

10 - Strawberries

I counted every calorie for 30 days (April 2020)