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Buy wholesale, eat retail

  •  April 6, 2020

Buy wholesale, eat retail

Buy more, pay less. Filling the cart with large packages is good for your pocket. But without realizing it, it affects the size of the portions you put on the plate! See how to circumvent this trap.

The packages are large and, oddly enough, the price is lower. So, given the offer, there is no doubt. But if we stop to think, one of the reasons we have eaten more than necessary is through the cashier. Do the math. If the frozen pizza has eight pieces and you live alone…

Buying wholesale is worth it when foods are healthy as they always cost a little more. The biggest problem is even the portion size. To defend health and the pocket, the important thing is to plan.

Make your own snacks

Preparing healthy and nutritious snack foods is quick and of course better for your nutrition. Buy nuts, dried fruits, dark chocolate and mix it all in a large bowl. Then separate half-cup portions into individual sachets. And ready! Instead of stuffed crackers or bland cereal bars, you have your own snack food, easy to take wherever you push it. And you already know, eating little and every four hours keeps your metabolism up, which helps you burn extra calories. For fun, it may include light popcorn.

Store the fair in the fridge

Another tip is to take advantage of fruit, vegetable and vegetable offerings intelligently. When you get home, wash the leaves, drain them well, and store in a tightly closed plastic container. Peel the fruits and store in small jars. As for vegetables, peel, boil in pieces and store them separately, also in small pots. Everything is at hand to set up practical meals. This is a laborious routine, but it is only one day a week and should be looked at with the ultimate benefit. This whole practicality is an idea approached by our article, The 30 Minute Diet, check it out!

Organize the meal

After preparing the meal, store the food in the pans. While, in jars, the leftovers cool before going to the fridge (storing hot food wastes more electricity), you set the table. Have enough in front of you not to be tempted to repeat. As we have seen in the previous article, the order you place on the table is the same as what you guarantee in the diet.

Want more tips to stay fit and happy? We are always talking here on my site about how to be in tune with your body and mind. And for this conversation to be a dialogue, I now have a chat, where you send questions, doubts or even your own tip and I answer it personally. Let's talk?

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