But how do we fly

  •  May 31, 2020

But how do we fly

When we need to clear our thoughts, there's nothing like losing our eyes in an inspiring scene. To create a moment of meditation, director Paul Parker has produced a video where an hour of flying becomes a minute of great beauty and meditative contemplation.

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Contemplating means admiring and thinking about something.

According to St. Thomas Aquinas, the contemplative life consists only in an act of understanding.

But with the hectic routine we live in, it's hard to find a time to let ideas flow.

Or, even more complicated: how can we empty our heads of the world of urgent appointments?

Director Paul Parker did it.

From his window, where daily hundreds of birds parade at dusk, he recorded the seemingly random movement of birds.

And it compressed an hour of images in about a minute, so that the images could be seen by the largest number of people.

Because, at some point, it is absolutely necessary to contemplate life, and to understand how we can write our history in it.

Watch the sensitive video below.

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