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Bra holds up to appetite

  •  April 3, 2020

Bra holds up to appetite

A watchman who won't let go of your… breasts. Microsoft develops sweating, heart-pounding lingerie that are emotional alerts for "nervous mouths": a chest buddy who warns you before you fall into temptation.

It is clear that we do not eat only when hunger appears. Too often, habits and emotions make us rob the refrigerator. And most of the time, automatically and unconsciously. Microsoft researchers and scientists at the universities of Rochester and Southampton (England) are working on designing a “smart bra” that avoids impulse eating. Read full study.

The bra features sensors that monitor temperature, heart rate, and sweat - which can indicate a stress situation. The entire system is based on the reading of electrodermal activity, which represents an electrical change in the skin that varies with activation of the nervous system.

But to be successful, the invention needs a little force. The data captured by the bra are sent to the wearer's cell phone. Then an app predicts imminent gluttony access and sends an alert to social networks. Hence, it is up to the most intimate to take the field, sending messages to convince the friend to close her mouth. Just as the saying goes: friend is the one who holds you when the whole world pushes you.

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