Bottled Emotions

  •  April 15, 2021

Bottled Emotions

So superficial and predictable, emotions now seem prefabricated. To criticize the manipulation of sentiments, American artist translates moods into ingredients and market formulas.

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Love, fear, confusion, excitement, anger and envy. These are some of the moods trapped in glass by American artist Taylor Kinser in the project called "Bottled Emotions." In this work, each emotion is an ingredient, represented by a different color. The goal is to explore our reaction to the emotions manipulated by marketing.

To represent such ethereal elements, the artist used different materials. So the envy was made of green dye and soybeans. Other raw materials used were paint, detergent and glitter. The research also involved the texture of emotions. Therefore, anger is thick, love is bubbly, and fear is dense. With such varied compositions, the message is clear: none of them are to be swallowed. Literally.

The project also features a "cookbook" that deciphers the composition of some everyday feelings. For example, what we feel about a crowded shopping mall has five equal parts of confusion, anger, annoyance, and pride. Other sentiments researched were "tacky sweater", "black friday" and "mother-in-law dinner".

The recipes and their ingredients question the idea that everything in our society can come at a price.

Bottled Emotions

Each emotion has a different color and texture.

bottled emotions

Recipe for a Black Friday, full store discount day

bottled emotions

A crowded mall deciphered in feelings

AWM Quaze - Bottled Emotion (Official Music Video) ????@Kxnnng (April 2021)