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  •  April 5, 2020

Beauty avatar

It is difficult to face one's mistakes. Even more every day, before the mirror. So what haircut to use? App simulates different styles for you to do a "test drive" - ​​not to regret after entering the scissors.

Swiss company Vizago is launching the NewDo app - initially for iPhones. With it, you can have a preview of your look and choose the ideal cut through simulations, before committing to "madness". After all, any regret can take months to be undone. The biggest advantage is that you can plan your look in advance, including testing with the clothes you can buy online.

And NewDo comes as the best of the simulators on the market. Its operation is simple and 3D technology is the most advanced. With the app open, the first thing to do is upload a picture of yourself. It is possible to climb an existing one, but it is best to choose to take one on time, in front, as for the passport. The secret is to have a shadowless face, a closed mouth and no hair in the eyes. After adjusting the position, using virtual markers, a menu appears, where the chosen cut is applied. And voila! It is also possible to change the tone, which makes the task a joke.

The basic package offers 73 cutting options. Additional styles, from bolder to exclusive, can be added in addition - for sale through iTunes. Using the technology developed, the company also launched the boy version, NewDo Men, with 44 styles.

Watch the video presentation of the application and have your opinion.

The Beauty Of Avatar (April 2020)