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Beautiful inside and out

  •  April 6, 2020

Beautiful inside and out

Exclusive vacations. Just come to Villa Stéphanie to make you happier - and beautiful. Europe's most sophisticated spa opens its doors in the first quarter of the year, combining aesthetic and medical care into a dream destination.

90 minutes from Frankfurt, between the curves of the road to Baden-Baden reveals in the landscape Villa Stéphanie. In this historic mansion (1890), which once hosted parties to Napoleon, you will find the perfect lodging that bears the designer label of luxury Oetker Collection hotels.

Amid a private park, only 12 suites will be available. Large, modernized and classically decorated, it is enough to be welcomed into a home atmosphere with a butler dedicated to meeting your needs. This structure integrates guests' daily life with Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa, one of the first in Europe. Here are modern and complete facilities with swimming pool, sauna, therapeutic baths, gym, physiotherapy rooms and various body therapies. In all, Sisley products, Skinceuticals and proprietary formulas are developed, developed in partnership with the specialist spa brand Anika Organic Luxury.

For the full treatment, guests count on Brenners Medical Care. While resting for beauty, you can consult and treat with the best doctors in Germany, including dermatologists, gynecologists, ophthalmologists, dentists, cardiologists, nutritionists and psychotherapists. Beautiful, healthy minded and healthy body. How about this “complete package” to start the year with everything on top?

Beautiful inside and out - facadeHistoric facade - mansion built in 1890Beautiful inside and outDining overlooking the gardensBeautiful inside and outHalls that once received Napoleon and European noblesBeautiful inside and outThe rest is part of the treatment - suite detailsBeautiful inside and outIndulge in tradition in aesthetic and medical treatments

Cause you're beautiful inside and out ♥ (April 2020)