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Battery addiction has cure

  •  March 28, 2020

We love the mobile phone. But there are times when the phone seems fixed, so much that it needs to be in the socket. Stay tuned for this great invention. In fact, a very small one: a credit card-sized battery charger.

We no longer live without the smartphone in our pocket. The problem is that he insists on being plugged into the charger. With ChargeCard, it is now possible to leave home without fear and decree the independence of the outlets. For about $ 50, just choose your version, compatible with iPhones, iPads and iPods or with micro USB connector for all Android devices, tablets, cameras, Blackberries, Kindles and etc.

It connects your device to any USB connection that appears in front of you. And there are many out there that we find on computers, laptops, car radio, behind the television and at airports.

Charge cardBattery charger - portable as the phone itselfcharge cardCompatible with any USB port

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