Baggage Culture

  •  March 28, 2020

Baggage Culture

Aside from tanned bodies and storefronts, something about the Miami landscape has changed. For the best. Opened in December, a grand museum with a rich collection intends to put the city on the map of the arts.

On Biscayne Bay, the Pérez Art Museum (PAMM) seems to rise from the water to welcome visitors looking for more attractions in the traditional tourist destination. Very Miami-style, the design, collection and showcase opening for the grand opening impresses with its grandeur.

The total cost of the building exceeded $ 200 million. The futuristic (and hurricane-proof) project was signed by the Herzog & de Meuron architecture office of Switzerland. Thought to be the city's new postcard, the museum offers shaded spaces for sightseeing and leisure, as well as a sea-view restaurant run by star chef Stephen Starr.

In addition to the art collection donated by businessman Jorge Pérez, valued at $ 40 million, the opening show featured controversial Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei. Known for his criticism of his country's totalitarian government, Wei Wei exhibits at PAMM his latest collection According to what ?, which includes sculptures, photographs and videos, presented on site until March 16.

Baggage Culture Ai Wei WeiAi Wei Wei installation for PAMM inaugurationBaggage Culture Installation DetailInstallation detail “he xie”, a critique of the uniformity of official Chinese cultureCulture in Luggage VasesThrowing down a Han Dynasty vase (over 2,000 years old)Culture in the Luggage SculptureSculpture with pieces of demolished ancient temple (Ging Dynasty, 1644-1911)Culture in Luggage Bicycle SculptureStacked sculpture detailBaggage CultureVase from the Neolithic period (5000 to 3000 BC), painted with the Coca-Cola logo.

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