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Babel by ear

  •  August 13, 2020

Understanding different languages ​​is not just a professional advantage, but a hands on wheel when we're abroad. If attending classes is out of the question, the solution may lie in a small gadget.

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The French are not very helpful and you start to get angry with misunderstandings in search of that bistro.

This situation, so common on any trip, will stay in the past.

That's what a slightly different ear plug promises.

Manufactured by Waverly Labs, Pilot allows you, for example, to speak a sentence in Portuguese and the person in front of you to understand everything in English.

Or French, Spanish and Italian.

The system works similarly to Google Translate and Skype Translator.

But unlike an app, the device is a wearable device that offers real-time translation in the user's ear.

For now, the gadget does not favor any "head chat".

At first, the equipment can only successfully assist the exchange of quick dialogs.

The handset is pre-sold on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform for $ 299 - click here.

Join the queue and wait for shipping, which should be completed in 2017.

Check out the following video how the invention works.

Babel Fish (Ear) (August 2020)