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Avocado Fashion

  •  September 23, 2020

And then the fats are redeemed. And not only that, but praised. To “surf” on the new food trend, opened in New York a restaurant with entirely avocado menu.

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Avocado has fats, yes.

But that's what we want in the diet that protects the heart.

The fruit also satiates and reduces inflammation in the cells, which favors weight loss.

Rich in glutathione, it has the power to regulate cortisol levels.

As we all know, stress hormone builds up abdominal fat.

Being increasingly adopted by athletes, fitness bloggers and chefs of Hispanic origin, the fruit conquered the United States.

Today, it has become one of the most consumed in that country.

For those who only know the vitamin with milk, avocado and sugar, the news sounds curious.

And so are hundreds of people queuing at the newly opened Avocaderia in New York.

This is the self-titled “first avocado restaurant in the world”.

Of course, the news opened in the Brooklyn neighborhood.

Currently, the address materializes trends in enterprises.

The menu offers from salads to smoothies, toast, hamburgers and other specialties.

The dishes bring influences from Mexican, Japanese and Egyptian cuisines.

The ethnic appeal attracts the public.

And it justifies the fact that those responsible for the idea are Italian.

One of them, Francesco Brachetti, lived in Mexico and fell in love with the fruit he didn't know.

In Mexico, avocado (of the avocado variety) is widely used in cooking.

And it is from the native country that comes the supply of avocados, all of organic origin.

Are you in New York?

Ask Uber to head to the Industry City Food Hall on the Sunset Park Boardwalk.

The Avocaderia is in this gastronomic complex, which offers incredible views of Manhattan.


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