Audience Champion

  •  September 20, 2020

Audience Champion

Today I celebrate the milestone of 20,000 subscriptions on my YouTube channel. Therefore, I share here on the site the joy of seeing this initiative succeed - exactly in the mission of embracing even more friends. Have you checked any of my videos yet?

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A month ago I launched my new YouTube channel. Every week, two new videos are posted, where I share the subjects that come closest to us.

Anyone who likes tips, nutrition, and fitness with a high spirit has endorsed and recommended the smart, well-produced content that my team painstakingly finishes.

And isn't it that I soon found out that my youtubers add up to 20,000 people? In less than a month, it was a 683% jump. Or over one and a half million views. These are significant brands that show in numbers the affection and loyalty of true friends. With them, I want to achieve my goal of making this one of the most popular Brazilian channels on YouTube.

Take a moment to visit and subscribe now for notifications when new videos are released. Every week, there are two new ones. And always in the prime time of the Brazilian internet. Every Tuesday at 20h, I present wellness tips. On Fridays, at 11am, I show you the step by step of my healthy recipes - click here and subscribe.

Thanks again to my youtubers. And welcome many more. To all, my best kiss!

Check out the introduction video and check out my channel right now.

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