At the table of 2040

  •  May 31, 2020

What will the 2040 table look like? Global advisory report predicts that 60% of meat consumed by this year will be replaced by alternatives made from plants or grown in the laboratory.

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Surely you have heard of it.

And it probably was right here on my site - see here.

Everyone just wants to know about meat grown in the lab.

Plant alternatives are also highlighted and the theme is present in the worldwide debate.

If the idea still seems strange to you, better get used to it.

Most meats that people eat until the year 2040 will not come from animals.

The forecast comes from a report by consulting firm TGlobal AT Kearney.

The work was based on interviews with industry experts.

And it also points to the reason: a growing awareness.

Whether it is the environmental consequences of conventional meat-raising methods.

Or the growing demand for vegan alternatives.

One thing is certain: apparently in the future we will not see cows in the pasture.

"The livestock industry is seen by many as an unnecessary evil," the report states.

"With the advantages of new meat substitutes, it's a matter of time before they gain a substantial market share."

After all, "why spend so much money raising an entire cow when you can grow a steak?"

This provocation was made by Israeli historian Huval Noah Harari in his "21 Lessons for the 21st Century."

The report refers to the “undeniable” shift to vegan, vegetarian diets.

With room for flexivegetarian transitional.

We are therefore facing an unavoidable point of disruption.

"This disruption is supported by a general shift in non-meat protein consumption (eg legumes and nuts)."

This change comes with "new lifestyle trends for a more sustainable and healthy diet as well as regulatory measures against conventional meat."

To read the full report - click here.

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