At sea with Lucilia and Roberto!

  •  April 15, 2021

At sea with Lucilia and Roberto!

A matched affection. Check out the first photos sent by Patricia Ribeiro, who boarded yesterday on the cruise “Emotions on the High Seas”. At the King's court, they were received with all majesty!

Everything went wonderfully well in the Port of Santos (Sao Paulo), during the check-in of the couple Paulo and Patrícia Ribeiro at MSC Precioza. First-class tickets guaranteed prompt and courteous service to our passengers - with an exclusive van taking them to the restricted access bridge to the Yacht Club, the VIP area of ​​the transatlantic celebrity. At the entrance to the large two-bedroom suite, a butler was on hand to unpack and take care of them as needed. Housed in the room, they enjoyed the breeze on the terrace sipping champagne and seeing the ship set sail on its way to Buzios, the first stop.

In the evening, the couple had their first meal on board at the Yacht Club Lounge's exclusive restaurant. On the menu, pasta, fish, seafood and the best of Mediterranean food - as well as comfortable Italian wine. They then watched a Beatles show cover and risked their luck at the Casino. On the way out, they made a quick appearance in the large auditorium to atone for the end of Roberto Carlos' first big show, where they saw the “King” throwing red roses at the female audience.

Today the couple woke up and attended the beautiful Mass celebrated by Father Antonio Maria, already with the ship anchored in Buzios. In the program of the day there was a swimming pool, dance classes with Carlinhos de Jesus, shopping in the Free Shop, and a lot of sea contemplation, which was presented in the color of tourmaline.

I just called Patricia to ask how she was doing. I received in response a flood of thanks! She was thrilled to say how important this unexpected program was at that moment in her life. The couple was in the restaurant enjoying afternoon tea.

They both told me that today was the night of their meeting with the King. And tomorrow they should watch my friend Tom Cavalcante's concert. I wished a good show and a great end of the tour! Tomorrow I'll call the couple again. Because just like you, I want to know more!

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