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Artificial sun

  •  May 28, 2020

Artificial sun

Indoor living in cities takes us away from the outdoor activities that are so beneficial to health. And it can get worse with the invention of the "artificial sun": a structure that perfectly simulates a sunny day and deceives the mind and cameras.

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"Sun light. Let the leaf bring and translate. In seeing again. Leaf, in grace. In life, in strength, in light. ” Caetano Veloso's music could change its lyrics with this invention.

Initially, the idea of ​​the “artificial sun” was to help image professionals get the perfect click even in bad weather.

The invention, authored by Italian scientists, was named Coelux.

The handset offers options such as tropical, Mediterranean and Nordic light.

Without revealing many details of their patent, the inventors apparently created a layer of nanoparticles that, applied over an artificial light source, simulates the action of the earth's atmosphere in refracting it.

artificial sun

The system simulates the Earth's atmosphere.

This makes it possible to reproduce the sunrise, the sun set and the sunset. Including what photographers call the golden hour, which refers to the first and last hour of sunshine during the day when the light is perfect for a photo.

However, nothing replaces the star king in terms of health.

This is because the sun is good for bone development, strengthens the immune system and helps prevent type 2 diabetes.

Also, among its benefits is the antidepressant action, since it acts in the production of melatonin, hormone responsible for sleep induction and that regulates our mood.

As a curiosity, check out the following video how the system works.

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