Art is on the table

  •  September 23, 2020

Art is on the table

Every meal is an experience that can be intensified. At a $ 700 dinner, prepared by chefs with eight Michelin stars, it is the silverware that steals the attention.

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In search of pleasure at the table, exotic ingredients and inventive preparations are no longer enough.

To intensify the perception of flavors, fashion is now stimulating the senses.

We have seen blind dinners, promoted at absurd times and even tasted without clothes.

Now the design features its weapons - or rather cutlery.

With blacksmithing skills, Martin Kastner has created a series of utensils aimed at enhancing the dining experience.

And not at any meal.

The dinner scheduled for September 25, 2016 at the Montalvo Arts Center in California (United States) will bring together star chefs who have eight Michelin stars.

To secure one of the 60 seats available, you need to invest $ 700 (about $ 2,200) - reserve your seat here.

With the detail that the seven-course menu is entirely vegetarian - wine included.

In addition to interfering with food contact, artist Martin Kastner's intention in creating such different cutlery is to provoke another rhythm between the pieces.

His proposal is that the diners “dive” into the experience by carrying between their fingers works that took from six hours to a few days to be produced.

Check out pictures of the amazing cutlery below.


Cutlery can also enhance the dining experience.


Designer creates utensils that give the meal more flavor


With creativity, design can expand sensitivity


The utensils show how the meal is also an aesthetic manifestation

Art at table dessert. Carnival Vista Steakhouse (September 2020)