Are you a nutricondriac?

  •  April 9, 2020

New term is born to designate people who avoid gluten and dairy because they believe they have food intolerance - even though they have never had an allergy test.

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Shoppers have noticed that the health products section has grown.

This is a clear sign that more people are looking to take care of themselves.

But it worries the motivation of the majority.

One study found that 45% of adults diagnosed themselves with food intolerance.

These numbers increase in the 25-35 age group.

However, only 15% had had an allergy test.

And only 5% had the condition confirmed by a doctor.

Paranoia is revealed in the research details.

One in three adults is believed to be lactose intolerant.

While one in four is described as celiac (with gluten intolerance).

Because of this, more and more people are cutting out entire food groups.

Based on the mistaken belief that they have an intolerance, or multiple.

As hypochondriacs take unnecessary remedies for their imaginary diseases.

The resemblance gave rise to a new term: "nutritionism."

This belief is based only on pseudoscience - another name for fake news.

And also in other even more questionable influences.

Twenty-two percent believe they may have food intolerance after hearing a news story relating it to celebrities.

Other deciding factors were advice from a friend or family member (18%), reading an article on intolerance (17%), sudden weight gain (12%).

Or through an influencer on social networks (9%).

The problem seems offensive only to the budget, as food for these audiences is more expensive.

In Brazil, gluten free products can be up to 86% more expensive, for example.

But the extent of the damage is greater than you think.

One in five people admitted that they would decline an invitation to dinner with someone who had a self-imposed food allergy.

In addition, 40% of people had a meal they prepared that was scorned by a “nutricondriac”.

All this spending and social isolation for nothing.

In the survey, some participants stopped eating French bread, or having a milkshake for over 20 years.

Just to find out they didn't suffer from intolerance - just paranoia.

Did you recognize any trace of this behavior in yourself?

Note that experts are the least heard on the issue.

Therefore, before risking food balance and health, consult your physician.

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