Appetite in harmony

  •  April 10, 2020

The music accompanies us in everything. But is the soundtrack adequate? To ensure tastier meals, you need to stimulate more than taste. Service offers the right spice to stir the senses of hearing.

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Enjoying a recipe that is memorable for every way is what we all want.

But not only the ingredients, seasonings and preparation are enough to provide a complete experience.

Harmonizing drinks and choosing the environment help.

But in many cases, the ideal auditory sensory stimulus is missing.

With that in mind, the gourmet delivery service Munchery, in partnership with Google Play Music, offers playlists ready to accompany your moments at the table, adapted to the menu or the occasion.

By the end of September, this option will be available twice a week as part of the menu of the day selected through the site.

They are playlists created to harmonize with the different choices offered.

These include the “Coffee Shop Indie Radio,” designed to make a chocolate cake tasting sound.

Sunny Patio Vibes was chosen to accompany the grilled chicken with broccoli.

And “Classic Rock Summer” is recommended for dressing lamb chops with bean salad.

According to research by the University of Oxford, the right music can influence taste.

According to Professor Charles Spencer, this combination makes it possible to increase salt or sugar sensitivity by 10% above normal.

For now, the "Music Seasoning" delivery service is available only in the United States, New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

If successful, the initiative should inspire local vendors, which are booming through mobile apps.

Appetite (April 2020)