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Appetite for selfies

  •  April 3, 2020

Appetite for selfies

There are those who like to take pictures of their dishes and some who like to take of themselves. But what if it was possible to bring both things together? This was the idea of ​​the inventor who joined the selfie stick with cutlery.

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You may find that this time they went too far.

But be calm.

At first, you won't have to divert the movement of selfie sticks from the tables around you in the restaurant.

This is because the spoon that takes selfies is an invention, restricted to the advertising universe.

It was created to promote an American breakfast cereal brand, Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

At least, this is its origin.

But we cannot control your destiny.

Retractable, the spoon can reach 76 inches in length.

With a button on the cutlery handle, you just fill your mouth and try to smile while clicking the photo.

Check out how the invention works in the following video - select subtitles in Portuguese.

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