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App puts 100 years of cinema in your hands

  •  March 28, 2020

App puts 100 years of cinema in your hands

Watch out for the dirty finger of popcorn on your cell phone. Free application brings to the small screen the 100 years of film history. In theaters, timeline with films that have marked an epoch since 1910, with information and traillers.

What was the best movie of 1970? Who was in the cast of "The Shining"? Who was the director of "The Godfather"? After a brief look at the Top Movies app, you are ready to discuss cinema with any authority. Available for iOS, just download to get easy access to a time line, where you can interact with the information simply by clicking on the posters. Pinching like your fingers, you open the folders to see even the traillers provided by the IMDB site. Depending on the excitement, you can download movies directly to watch on iPhone or iPad.

Gliding down the timeline is uncomplicated and a lot of fun. And the collection is impressive. The titles are organized for decades, years and even days, ranging from 1910 to the latest releases. On the small screen, a great way to know, little by little, the immense history of 100 years of great productions.

Download the free Top Movies app here now.

Application puts cinema in your hands

From 1910 to the present, the best films are exposed on a timeline.

Application puts cinema in your hands

With easy navigation you can access folders of each movie

Watch the demo of the Top Movies app.

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