App makes waiting at the airport more fun

  •  April 15, 2021

App makes waiting at the airport more fun

The dream of any traveler is to do only direct flights without connections. But this is often not feasible, especially on long journeys.

Smart Layover is designed to turn scales into fun times. Passengers enter data such as airport, date and duration of the stopover. From there, the app offers suggestions of cool things to see and do nearby.

The app database includes up-to-date information on 140 cities worldwide. These are tips for day-use hotels, attractions and special events around the airport, where to eat and drink, and even offers and discounts at these locations.


Anyone who uses the app knowing that they will spend a few hours waiting can plan how to spend their time before leaving. But those facing unexpected flight delays can also access last minute recommendations. When it's time to return to the airport, the app sends an alert.

This video explains everything:

The app is free and available for iOS, Android and BlackBerry. If you are planning to travel and already know you will need to make a connection, this is the tip.

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