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App makes the news follow you

  •  April 5, 2020

App makes the news follow you

At the pace we get through life, it's getting harder and harder to stop and watch the news. With Wibbitz app, they follow you. Just choose the subjects to watch the news that matters in video clip form.

Many times the news is good. But with too long a text on our cell phone, we lose interest - and run the risk of tripping. For one of the best apps of 2013 solves this problem by presenting events in the most mobile friendly way: video.

Wibbitz, available for free download from AppStore, promises to improve the information consumption experience. The first step is to choose the subjects you want to track, such as technology, world, business, and entertainment. The program then generates videos of up to two minutes that narrate key points in texts such as people, dates, and places. In the background, there are images, graphics, videos and maps pertinent to the news.

I loved the novelty I use while I'm busy with other subjects. Like, for example, on the treadmill, while I practice my interval training, the LIT - Lucilia Intensive Training. That is, a friend in the struggle to lose belly that fuels the general culture.

Watch the video that best presents the app.

2020 promises to be busy year in space (April 2020)