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App helps make up with the wardrobe

  •  April 5, 2020

App helps you make up with the wardrobe

One of the reasons we want to lose weight is to be able to wear some clothes that were a few behind. Another, much more realistic, is knowing how to combine so many looks and still be fashionable. Between the lack of time and the mess in the closet, app arrives to suggest what to wear.

We buy once and don't even know how to combine. There, one more piece goes to the bottom of the drawer. Imagine having an app that could suggest what to wear, depending on what you have, the weather outside or if the occasion calls for something special. With the Style Puzzle app, you can do it all while having breakfast.

Created by students at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, the app was a finalist in the Student Startup Madness competition - and is in the final stages of development. Your mission is to “manage” the style of those who don't have time, don't know how to match pieces and don't have much patience for it.

The first task is to register all parts of the wardrobe. You can also upload image of the same piece if you are online. Or one you haven't even bought yet. Then you must group the items according to the occasions, such as casual, formal, everyday, party, and weekend. From then on, the program does the rest.

For example, when you wake up on a Tuesday, the app knows if you have a meeting that day. You also know what you have used in similar opportunities. And if on this day it will be sunny or rainy. With all this, plus access to what you previously registered, it presents the ideal look.

To track its release, check out the official website. Did you like it? So stay tuned for more technology news that I always share on my site, like Google Glass.

App helps you make up with the wardrobe

On one screen, you can understand how the Style Puzzle app works.

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