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App gives new life to retired phone

  •  April 3, 2020

App gives new life to retired phone

Application turns obsolete smartphones into security cameras. As technology advances, we jam the drawer of outdated appliances, chargers and adapters. Now they can return to the scene to record what you don't see.

With each upgrade, the junk increases. In the meantime, it's a pity to waste the technology embedded in the leaning devices. Especially the cameras, memory and the internet connection.

With that in mind, the Dormi app was launched, which works on Android smartphones and tablets. With it, these devices come to life, with the function that could well be called "espionage". And they can be used, as the app's creators suggest, to watch babies as they sleep.

Slept warns on your current cell phone if there is movement in the room or if the child woke up. You can also install the app on another device and, with the same button, activate an intercom conversation.

It seems a lot of advantage for about 20 reais. And is. As our concern goes beyond family safety, old appliances can help us in many ways. Like tracking pets at home while we travel, registering nightly burglaries in the fridge - and even the most serious attempts against property. To download, follow the link to the Google Play store.

See how the Dormi app works in the following video.

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