App for respect for women

  •  April 15, 2021

The professional environment is where gender equality is least respected. One of the abuses is how often men interrupt women's speech. To help change this behavior, app technology goes into service.

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Men dominate 75% of conversations at business meetings.

Female doctors are more interrupted when talking than their male counterparts.

In law classes, male participation is 144% higher than female participation.

Does this happen because women have nothing to say?

In fact, the cause is "Keeprupting".

The term is used to describe when a man interrupts a woman's speech.

It happens because, culturally, men think they are superior.

At first glance, it may seem like an everyday and trivial problem.

But it is not so simple or innocent.

The situation represents gender inequality at work and in society.

How to solve?

To begin with, it is necessary to raise awareness among the male public, who often does not recognize behavior.

And technology can help.

The Brazilian agency BETC São Paulo created the Woman Interrupted application.

The proposal is to count the number of times the “Mantrupting” happens.

The app uses the phone's microphone to record conversations.

From there, it analyzes and detects the number of interruptions during the period it is activated.

Technology identifies when the user was interrupted by a man.

Or, for a male user, when did he interrupt a woman.

The analyzes are done in real time and transformed into data and graphs.

In addition to Portuguese, the program “understands” English, French and Spanish.

The idea is to be used in presentations and meetings in the workplace.

But it can be activated anywhere needed, such as the classroom.

Because it is so necessary, the app has gained worldwide projection.

And won the Silver Lion at the latest international advertising festival Cannes Lions.

To download it for free - click here.

Here's how the device works.

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