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App eliminates tracks of former loved one

  •  May 31, 2020

App eliminates tracks of former loved one

After ending a romance, it is embarrassing to see the ex everywhere in the virtual world. The KillSwitch app deletes comments, deselects photos, and deletes all traces of the person you want to forget.

Everything we post in love is recorded on social networks. But when the worst happens, chasing after one by one is virtually impossible. Now your problems are over! The KillSwitch app, available for $ 0.99 for Android and iOS, does the “dirty service” of tracking down and deleting all “cute” posts in your relationship. According to Clara de Soto, co-creator and co-founder of ClearHart Digital, the app was not designed to serve as a vengeful tool, but to assist people in the painful process of healing broken hearts.

How it works? Photos, relationship status updates, and any text mention of the tagged person are grouped and taken from Facebook. The good news is that all this material is recorded on a virtual disk, which can be recovered in the event of a relapse.

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