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App Cures Back Pain

  •  April 6, 2020

App Cures Back Pain

Everything is posture. If we are always busy and still keeping an eye on the phone, we damage the image we project. And worse, health goes off the axis. How about if, in this case, technology helped - just for a change?

We live in the age of "self-quantification." This new word concerns the measurement of data related to our own body that is made by applications. Thus, internet technology comes out of computers and begins to improve our life beyond the socket.

This is the idea behind Lumoback. Literally. It has been proven that body language starts with good posture. After all, this trusting body attitude affects our emotional state and how we are viewed by others. Harvard University study proves that with raised shoulders and erect back, we improve the body's flow of hormones, self-esteem and overall health.

Lumoback promises to correct posture simply. Just carry a sensor around your body with a velcro belt that positions it in the lower back. From there, your movements and positions are monitored. Each time you relax your posture, Lumoback vibrates to warn you. It also generates an avatar of yourself on your smartphone, where you can also track data such as distances traveled and calories burned.

Contrary to what it may seem, your weight is light and so comfortable that you may forget you are wearing it. And it is exactly at these times, when we are relaxed, that Lumoback works. Its price is about 350 reais.

App Cures Back PainSensor stays on belt, to be positioned near the lumbar

App Cures Back PainLight and easy to use, it costs about 350 reais

App Cures Back PainFollowing the avatar, we can correct the posture and see how they see us

App Cures Back PainApp also records data such as distance traveled and calories burned

Watch the introduction video of Lumoback.

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