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Anger is wrong motivation

  •  April 15, 2021

Anger at the gym is wrong motivation

Calm down before working out. A study in Canada reveals that doing angry exercises compromises the result of training and even threatens health.

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There are many films where, driven by revenge, the protagonists face training sessions that lead them to victory.

But a new study suggests entering the academy with a peaceful conscience.

According to researchers at McMaster University (Canada), intense exercise and excessive anger can act as a trigger for cardiovascular problems.

And the risk increases when these two elements are combined.

To reach this conclusion, 12,000 heart attacks in 52 countries were analyzed.

14% of the time patients were practicing vigorous physical activity.

And another 14 percent of the time, these people were emotionally upset an hour before the episode.

Although the researchers did not specifically define what “anger” or “physical exertion” represented, the results help to better understand and potentially prevent heart attacks.

"Our study was the largest study to explore this issue and unlike previous research."

"That's because it included people from many different countries and ethnicities," one of the authors, Dr. Andrew Smyth, told Reuters.

So forget the “Eye of The Tiger” the song is talking about - see the definitive workout playlist here.

In addition to avoiding extreme physical activity and emotions as well, other lifestyle adjustments such as reducing alcohol consumption, not smoking and reducing weight help reduce heart risk.