Addicted to food?

  •  March 28, 2020

Food addicts?

No one speaks openly. And finding evidence is not easy. But we know that the food industry uses a lot of resources to win our preference. Animation in short film puts the scoop on the subject. After all, are we getting addicted to food?

We already realize that the industry prepares food differently than we do at home. To maximize the taste and appearance of your products, more sugar, salt and saturated fat are used than usual. In addition to making processed food tastier, these are cheap and abundant ingredients. And highly addictive. That's because they flood our brain with dopamine. For it is exactly the excess of this neurotransmitter that triggers the euphoria and motivation in the brain. Drugs such as cocaine and crack, for example, stimulate the release of this chemical component.

Recently, author Michael Pollan, bestselling author The Omnivore Dilemma and good food activist, released a video telling how this process happens. In a didactic and simple way, we can see how much we get carried away by the illusion of the convenience of quick meals. In the end, Michael's message is clear. Within limits, you can eat whatever you want. As long as you prepare and eat at home.

Watch the video below.

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