Above First Class

  •  September 20, 2020

In the little window

The check-in fight separates fans from the aisle seats from those who prefer the window. Imagine when the new planes arrive with a unique panoramic deck.

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It seems that planes were made for those who don't like to travel.

The tiny windows, always mismatched with the row of seats, strangely differ from their counterparts in trains and automobiles, modes of transportation that offer the view as it is.

In fact, everyone wanted it that way.

But accidents with the luxurious Comet models in 1953 and 1954 revealed a negligible structural risk for the large windows.

For this reason, those who enjoy the landscape need to check in early.

And still change by questioning passengers who settle in their seats - usually people in denial for not being able to get a seat in the disputed space.

Which is really absurd, since the fascination of air travel is to follow a view that we are not usually used to.

This is the case where the trip happens on the route, not on arriving at the destination.

To take back a lost feeling, or at least give it to those willing to pay for it, Windspeed Technologies has created the concept of the sky deck.

In the images of the project released, we see a commercial airplane with a kind of bell jar attached to the fuselage.

Sitting on the recliner seats, two passengers can relax and enjoy the journey from the viewpoint of a magic carpet.

This transparent capsule, which is accommodated at the rear of the plane due to aerodynamics, allows an almost complete view of the sky.

For access, an exclusive ladder is triggered from inside the aircraft.

Thus, passengers are boarded first than Primera Classe passengers, close in their hatch and will only see other people upon arrival.

Unfortunately, there is no forecast for the launch of the "air deck" yet.

But with competition among companies in the industry, it is possible to imagine that at least one is interested in investing in the project.

Poetically, one of the Arab airlines could unlike the other commercial image of a winged carpet.


A class above First - literally

Check out the concept in the following video.

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