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A website to show the world that you excel

A website to show the world that you excel
  •  April 5, 2020

It takes 100 days of training in any activity to become a practitioner. If not an expert, at least a good connoisseur.

That was the principle that led Karen X. Cheng to create Give it 100. She recently gained popularity on the Internet because of an amazing video showing how she learned to dance in just one year. With experience, she decided to help anyone become a practitioner of any activity. Just want and do.

Give it 100 users are encouraged to learn new skills within 100 days. To keep up with their own evolution, they should post daily videos of just 10 seconds practicing their chosen activity. The site was not quite launched and there are already people developing their skills to draw, train dogs, ride a unicycle, speak Japanese and so on.

How about now you start doing what you would love to, but think you would never do? Go there!

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