A volume knob for noise in your window

  •  April 9, 2020

A volume knob for noise in your window

You come home after a busy day at work and just want to rest while watching a little TV. But this is not possible due to the horns, alarms and also the neighbors' dog.

Many people already have an anti-noise window at home. But for those who don't have one of these, designer Rudolf Stefanich may have found a great solution.

Properly named Sono, the Austrian's creation is a silencer made of plastic to be glued to the window glass itself. Using active noise control technology - the same as that applied to the most advanced headphones - the device absorbs vibration and blocks out external sounds allowing you to choose the noises you want to hear.

Unfortunately, Sleep is still just a prototype. But it has already been nominated for this year's James Dyson Design Award. And meanwhile, Stefanich is looking for a partner to help him market the product.

So, does anyone qualify? Watch the video below and better understand how the device should work:

Noise-Cancelling Device for City Street Sounds - Could it Really Work? (VIDEO) (April 2020)