A very funny house

  •  April 5, 2020

A very funny house

For many people, life is a drama. For others, a soap opera. Others wake up and sleep in a comedy. Now your home can be the setting of your favorite genre. Artist presents (and sells) location projects for the shows we love.

Who is a real fan lives with the characters as if they were family. And know so many details that would be able to draw the scenarios with eyes closed. That's exactly what Spanish artist Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde did in the TV series Floorplans and More.

Without architectural programs, let alone a computer, it uses only crayons, rulers, and erasers. With just these instruments and a great deal of willingness, he recreated the environments we have learned to love by living together. Works include Monica and Joey's (Friends) apartments, Carrie Bradshaw's (Sex and The City) apartment and closet, Jerry Seinfeld's and many other projects. For those who are building or renovating, a good idea for fun - or freak out your architect.

What's your favorite TV series? See if you can find some of these projects. Or to buy, directly from the artist via online.


From the front: the apartments of Monica and Joey (Friends)

A very funny house, facade of the Simpsons

This could well be on Rua dos Bobos: facade of the Simpsons residence


Original drawing, colored pencil

A very funny house, ground floor of the Simpsons

Simpsons House, ground floor

A very funny house, first floor of Simpsons home

Still in the Simpsons, the first floor plan

A very funny house in Carrie Bradshaw's apartment

Carrie Bradshaw's apartment, always with friends

A very funny house in Carrie Bradshaw's apartment

Sex and The City scenario - don't forget to notice the famous closet


The Big Bang Theory

A very funny Sheldon apartment house

In this scenario seven seasons have already been filmed


At work there is also room for movie sets like Holly Golightly's house


With little furniture, here lived the character played by Audrey Hepburn (Little Doll Deluxe)


A great gift for anyone who is a fan of classic shows like the Seinfeld series

my house is very funny (April 2020)