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A toast to your effort

  •  August 13, 2020

Better than the finish line. Study reveals which combo is best for body recovery after a marathon. Better until water or isotonic. And you will not believe it.

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The effort is brutal and the finish line by itself is a prize.

After traveling 42,195 km, you need to hydrate your body as efficiently as possible.

Isotonic or water?

None of it.

Two pints and salted peanuts are the best way to recover your body after a marathon.

So says a controversial study from the University of St. Andrews (Scotland).

In the United Kingdom, a pint is a glass holding 0.665 liters.

Apparently, the combo replaces fluids and minerals lost in sweat during the effort.

The research was presented at the European Beer and Health Symposium in Brussels.

The body can lose up to three liters of fluid per hour during long runs.

And vital salts, such as sodium and potassium, are lost through excessive sweating.

For this reason, runners should drink plenty of fluids during the race.

The goal is to avoid the effects of severe dehydration.

According to one of the authors, Dr. Ronald Maughan, only water cannot restore lost mineral levels.

Although sports drinks contain sodium and potassium, it would take two liters after a race.

But peanuts are rich in potassium.

And the salt added to the snack covers the body's sodium levels.

Already a liter of beer contains B vitamins and chrome.

As well as small amounts of carbohydrates that can help restore energy.

It will be?

The disclosure of the news is worth the curiosity.

And by reinforcing the notion that mineral replacement is necessary after great efforts.

However, before adopting the strategy, I suggest you consult your doctor.

After all, alcoholic beverages should be consumed with moderation and responsibility.

This text was inspired by the British Diary story. The sun - Read the full text here.

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