A toast to good form

  •  August 13, 2020

A toast to good form

At these holidays, he paints a doubt between two fundamental issues. And there are those who choose to drink than to exercise. Study ensures that one thing does not prevent the other. And quite the opposite!

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The relationship between alcohol and health is complex and multifaceted.

Despite the known risks (personal, collective and social), lower alcohol consumption does not necessarily translate into better individual health.

This finding has become evident largely due to a decrease in heart disease found among moderate drinkers - see here study from the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center.

This was surprising given that alcohol can be cardiotoxic.

These findings stimulated a large amount of further study of the health habits of moderate drinkers.

Decades of research on health habits and moderate drinkers have focused their interest on exercise, resulting in a positive identification between physical activity and alcohol consumption.

This is the argument of a study done in partnership between the University of Houston, Sam Houston State University and Baylor College of Medicine (United States) and Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Italy).

Scientists do not mean that drinking leads to better sports performance - and that this is a health benefit to consider.

The absurdity is that this behavior is practiced and even has the name, "drunkorexia", which roughly means working out so you can drink without getting fat.

The argument is another.

It is the finding, guaranteed by decades of observation of scientific data, that those who consume alcohol moderately are interested in practicing physical activities.

The profile of moderate drinkers that emerged from the survey was found to be physically active, and also to adopt a nutritious diet and other health-promoting behaviors.

Protective factors tend to come together to form a shield that guarantees us health.

Those who work out are interested in eating better and sleeping better, and so on.

Therefore, if there are two interests that inhabit the same character, nothing better than curing or preventing an increase in alcohol consumption and its deleterious effects that encourage sports.

The idea seems logical.

According to the researchers, a better understanding of the relationship between physical activity and alcohol intake can maximize intervention efforts.

The idea can base clinical treatments and prevention strategies as well as enable people to make more informed decisions.

What does all this mean?

If your alcohol use is moderate, continue exercising.

If it goes beyond the ideal, try to do more exercises.

Ultimately, the recommendation is the same: Take interest in yourself and stay healthy, as one thing pulls the other.

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