A suitcase that follows you anywhere

  •  April 6, 2020

A suitcase that follows you anywhere

Have you ever thought you could walk around the airport and be followed by your suitcase? This is about to come true. Hop is a bag that will provide maximum comfort and usability to its owner. Powered by compressed air, it is equipped with the innovative dual-track caterpillar system that can crawl behind you around the airport. However, they still cannot climb stairs without their help.

Control is by an application installed on any smartphone, with three inherent receivers. If you lose sight of it when you stop to buy a book or use the toillet, in 10 seconds, if it does not notice your proximity, your phone will vibrate. Imagine if you are using the bathroom for number 2. It can be embarrassing!

There are some technical issues that come with these high tech machines and therefore the prototype is being updated. But tests already carried out at major airports around the world have shown success. Once launched, The Hop would be a loyal suitcase that will follow you everywhere.

The Cowa Robot is a smart suitcase that follows you (April 2020)