A smile please

  •  April 5, 2020

A smile please

We are always in a hurry. Every day doing the same things, we may be forgetting the most important of them: kindness. Campaign asks Tokyo subway users for good manners. With gallery that stimulates population via beautiful illustrations.

The Japanese are known to be the most educated people in the world, right? From an early age, children have learned to master a complex system of courtesy and respect that has governed interpersonal relationships for countless generations. But imagine that, with the rush of Tokyo, kindness is becoming a rare article.

Of course the situation gets complicated on the subway. Traditionally, Japanese transportation system campaigns have drawn attention to aesthetic refinement. Each year, the population expects to know what style will be adopted. The current series is marked by vibrant colors. Each month sets a tone for a different scene, which changes with the season. At the beginning of class, the message asks people to carry their backpacks in their hands. In June, in the rainy season, the message concerns dripping and disturbing umbrellas. The current series will end in March.

Here are some of the examples. It is worth knowing the styles adopted in previous years on the campaign website.

A smile please

A smile please

Kindness begets beauty3

Kindness begets beauty4

Kindness begets beauty5

Kindness begets beauty6

Kindness begets beauty7

Smile Please Trailer | Marathi Movie | Mukta Barve, Lalit Prabhakar, Prasad Oak | Vikram Phadnis (April 2020)