A picture that shuts a thousand words

  •  April 9, 2020

A picture that shuts a thousand words

For the first time, a French newspaper comes out without photos. And reveals how they are needed. To show the importance of professional photographers, the newspaper Liberation left without photos.

Always avant-garde, the Libe - as its readers amicably called - innovated once again. In its November 14 issue in Paris, the newspaper lined up with professionals to protest photographer unemployment. The idea was to carry the news without any photography, showing that without the support of the images the journalistic product is delivered incomplete to the reading public.

In addition to the social crisis provoked, the French daily's management is battling the consequent fall in quality of the published material, as newspapers are telling reporters to take their own photos with smartphones.

A Thousand Words TV spot "Shut Your Mouth" (April 2020)