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A Million Tips: Spicy Hamburger

  •  April 9, 2020

A Million Tips: Spicy Hamburger

Here they are! To celebrate the conquest of one million friends on Facebook, I asked who would have tips on how to “slim down” tasty recipes. And didn't I get a lot of them? Now, let's meet the favorites - savoring one by one. And the first is that of Márcio Marques.

It's good to know that, like me, there are a lot of people out there looking at their fitness. Like a million people. From all over Brazil, I received hundreds of simple and very practical tips to do - no complicated formulas that only make TV beautiful. Once more, thank you! So it's time for them to make it beautiful here, on my site.

Today, I will start sharing these precious collaborations, which were chosen with your help. The first was the tip of the spicy hamburger, by Márcio Marques. Follow the delight of text that he sent - and that conquered me!

“Lucilia, my tip is very simple. I'm in love with hamburger. But, as in the street they are very caloric - and the frozen ones, besides being not tasty, have a lot of sodium - I created a delicious homemade version. Use a lean ground beef, it can even be chicken, and mix in the pepperoni pepper and some mustard grains. Feel free to use the quantities, but it is important to use these spices as they are thermogenic. Put the meat to grill. In place of bread, use a leaf of lettuce or clams. Put the meat in the middle of the leaf and a little sauce (made with yogurt, lemon and mustard), close the leaf like a little bundle and then just enjoy! With tips like this, besides yours, I managed to lose 27 pounds in just over a year… only 8 kg left for my goal! ”

Congratulations, Marcio! Now, look at the recipe in an organized way for you to follow step by step.

Spicy Hamburger

A Million Tips: Spicy Hamburger


For the steak:

100 g of lean ground beef
Enough salt
Pepperoni (to taste)
Mustard Seed (to taste)
3 lettuce leaves

For the sauce:

1 jar of nonfat yogurt
1 lemon
1 tablespoon mustard

Method of preparation

Add pepperoni and mustard grains to the meat and mix.
Make one steak at a time, shaping one spoonful of the mixture into your palm until it forms.
Put the meat to grill.
Wrap the ready meat in a lettuce leaf or clove.
Serve with the sauce separately.

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