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A million tips

  •  March 28, 2020

A million tips

The party goes on. To celebrate the conquest of one million friends on Facebook, I asked who would have tips on how to “slim down” tasty recipes. After all, I collect and share many of them myself. And today, I chose the ones I find most practical and effective. Was it yours?

Wow! A million friends on my fanpage… How nice to know there are so many people eyeing my stories. And in my tips. Because I keep an eye on yours too! After all, as I said here, for me, the best diet is information. That's why I took up the challenge of getting a million tips. Well, there were hundreds!

To return all this attention, I decided to choose the best ones. As I didn't decide, I opened it to people to choose the ones they preferred. Did you participate?

The most beloved collaborations were:

1º - Tip of the spicy hamburger, by Márcio Marques

2º - Aline Fernandes' creative ricotta and zucchini sushi

3º - The super light zucchini spaghetti from Paloma S. Bento

Dear, thanks! Now your tips and recipes will be produced, with photo and all. To soon feature prominently here on my site, with due credit to the authors. And for these, one more little thing is reserved. You can expect that soon I will have the opportunity to return your affection in height. And to all who participated, many kisses!