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A great idea

  •  April 6, 2020

Best and greatest moments

When the idea is good, it's called big. But when is she really big? Imagine the surprise of finding a five-story Pinterest panel. In it, every good moment gets the size it deserves.

The Caribou Cafe brand is different. All stores have a lighter, less stressed atmosphere than most coffee shops. And the beans are chosen by consumers via social networks. With this "light" way of promoting your marketing, the brand is always innovating. And they did it once again.

And with such a simple action that I thought it was great to share. To promote its collaborative production method, called Real Inspiration Blend, the brand produced a giant panel that simulates the Pinterest screen. Only with the height of five floors! The structure was set up in a mall in Minnesota (United States), and consumers who want to photograph and participate should use the hashtag #CaribouInspires. The action lasts until the end of February.

Here's how it went and people's reaction to this real “great” idea!

WoW Quest - A great idea (April 2020)