A cup of calm

  •  September 20, 2020

A cup of calm

If a coffee provides two prose fingers, sipping tea is like having a cup of calm. A curious release creatively emphasizes the net and certain benefits of this soothing — and weight-loss infusion!

No matter what type. Whether it is green, white, black or red, teas help in fighting weight from top to bottom. That is, it is starting at the head that its sedative substances help us in controlling anxiety. And yet, your preparation is a ritual that you can enjoy to focus on your goal of healthy weight loss.

Therefore, any news related to this universe interests me. So much so that with each trip, I discover and share here on the site the different and exotic types I meet, such as matcha tea. The ones that differ in the presentation are also valid. Like the Tea Calendar, where each leaflet is made of pressed tea leaves, to remind us to drink once a day.

In this research, the new highlight is Malaysian Boh brand chamomile tea. Scientific nameRecutite Matricaria, this species is known thanks to its soothing properties, which act on our nervous system. To promote this benefit as a trade differentiator, the brand produced tea bags printed with stress-related figures such as rain clouds and dragons. When placed in hot water, these images turn into peaceful symbols. Knowing the action's slogan, which names the choice “a cup of calm,” the idea becomes perfect.

To reinforce the campaign, signed by local agency agency M + C Saatchi, a Facebook application was created. After a registration, he starts to monitor his activity to the computer. When you are tense, typing the keyboard hard or fast, a window opens on your destktop, offering a pause when displaying short humor videos.

Here are some images to better understand - and enjoy even more - this brilliant idea.

A cup of calm

By calming the senses, images of stress become symbols of peace.

Here's the video that demonstrates this therapy in action.

Did you like it? Check out this other video, which explains the Facebook app.

Traditional Medicinals Cup of Calm® Relaxation Tea (4K) (September 2020)