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3D menu

  •  May 28, 2020

3D menu

The future of food? Soon it will be possible to print the food you want with technology that is revolutionizing various areas. Healthy, practical and better looking recipes indicate good use of the invention, available until 2015.

This news is impressive. Really.

Foodini is a 3D food printer that instead of ink brings the ingredients of a recipe into each cartridge.

Layer by layer, the machine produces ravioli, pizza, quiches, hamburger, and cheesecake, among other pre-programmed recipes. Once printed, the food should be baked.

One of the creators of the machine, made by the Spanish company Natural Machines, said she had difficulty making her children eat spinach.

With Foodini, she was able to print “ghost” spinach quiches, making children's meals both nutritious and fun.

The expectation is to launch the invention in Europe by the end of 2015.

Orders are already coming from everywhere, including renowned chefs who want to diversify their operations.

Printed food chains should soon appear in the market.

The price of each Foodini should be about 3 thousand reais.

3D menu

Foodini, the size of a microwave

3D menu

Hamburgers - Once Printed, You Must Bake


Ghost-shaped spinach quiche: fun and nutritious

Check out the following video how the invention works:

The Restaurant of the Future (May 2020)