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25% of women lie on a diet

  •  September 23, 2020

25% of women lie on a diet

A survey of about 2,000 women revealed that at least 25% of respondents eat in secret to avoid disappointing family and friends who support a supposed diet.

One in four women said they said they were on a diet in front of colleagues and relatives but secretly ate when alone. And at those times, the choices are always the least healthy.

Those who admitted to lying on the subject said they fear the judgment of others, as if the obligation were always to be on a diet or to eat very healthy. According to the researchers, this number can reach 35% based on the psychological test performed, in which this surplus was ashamed to admit to the group under analysis.

In addition, more than half said they even lie about the amount of pounds lost. Another 27% said they continue eating unplanned and secretly take medicine to lose weight.

Are you sure you want to set aside your quality of life because of the opinions of others?

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