1 million friends

  •  April 3, 2020

1 million friends

Just over a year ago, I launched my Facebook fanpage. The idea was to share with you my story, of who has weighed more than 100 pounds and, without medicine or surgery, managed to change life. But imagine my surprise to find stories as rich as mine. In fact, a million stories!

That's why I'm here. To thank all the people who like and follow my page on the social network. To each of the, right now, 1,004,571 (and counting!), I send a tender kiss. It is for you that I follow this trajectory, through the fanpage and my site. A trajectory of knowledge. And also self-knowledge. After all, the greatest lesson of all is that everything in this life requires courage - especially to bring your ghosts into awareness, reflection - about your problems so that you can understand them, and determination to find a new destination. This learning is a way of no return.

Just like our friendship! Thank you, I like you all too!

FRIENDS - Marshmello & Anne-Marie / Tina Boo Choreography (April 2020)